Dr. Richwine is Board Certified in Holistic Medicine, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, and Family Practice. He has twenty years experience in the area at Holy Spirit Hospital and Community General Osteopathic Hospital/ Pinnacle Health. He has completed additional training in herbal and natural medicine taught by specialists such as Andrew Weil, MD.


He is a graduate of Penn State and Indiana Universities as well as Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Dr. Richwine served as a captain in the Army National Guard. He is a native of Lewistown PA and lives in Camp Hill with Nancy, his son Daniel and daughter Zoe

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About Us

Some of the more common areas we address include:


 Arthritis, joint and muscle pain

 Fibromyalgia, neck and back pain

 Stress, depression, and anxiety

 Chronic fatigue syndrome, including yeast/ fungus

 Attention deficit disorder

 General nutrition and vitamins

 Weight maintenance

 Cardiovascular health

 Stomach/bowel trouble



Dr. Richwine has a special interest in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, a hands-on modality for both diagnosis and treatment. He uses gentle muscle techniques and more traditional thrust manipulation for a variety of patient problems. He has studied the biodynamic, energetic approach to Cranial Osteopathy with James Jealous, DO from New England for more than five years.


Division of Optimal Wellness


The newest component to the Cumberland Center for Natural Health is a research unit called the Division of Optimal Health. Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO (1828-1917), the founder of Osteopathic Medicine, chose to evaluate and treat the whole person rather than resort to drugs and other potentially harmful methods of symptom control. The new Division will promote optimal health by combining state-of-the-art approaches, like Bicom Bioresonance (from Germany) with osteopathic as well as traditional modalities. This approach is designed to increase, relaxation, reduce stress, and balance the immune system for each person as a unique individual. In doing so, problems such as allergies, lack of energy, addictive issues and other heath concerns may improve.


William B. Richwine, DO

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